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Who we are and what we are passionate about

Someday Swim

Someday Swim is a kids Eco-Swimwear label offering your little folk; quality swimwear to keep them sunsafe and looking cool all Summer long. Our swimwear is built to last, made from quality Italian fabric and best of all we are passionate about our environment and the future our little ones have, that is why all our fabrics are made from recycled nylon sourced from discarded fishing nets and ocean plastics.

Did you know, 8 million tons of waste end up in our seas every single year and 640 thousand tons of fishing nets are abandoned at the bottom of the ocean. Since 2013 our fabric has collected 510 tons of fishing nets. Which is equivalent in weight to 4 blue whales! 

Our Someday Swim family are lovers of the ocean, big dreamers, have a sunshine state of mind and live for weekend adventures. We value quality, style and practicality. We provide our customers with fashionable and eco-friendly swimwear.